Yacht Charter Adventures in Tortola, British Virgin Islands

With more than fifty bays and cays, plus an abundance of anchorages to choose from, it’s no surprise that the British Virgin Islands are listed at the top of the world’s most popular sailing areas. Sailing conditions here are ideal. The right winds, beautiful water and beaches second to none, make this a world class sailing destination.

While sailing in the BVI’s, perhaps the only time you would be out of sight of land altogether might be if you decided to sail north to Anegada -the drowned island – a truly captivating island, of coral reef beginnings, which is 10 miles long, 2 miles wide but only 28 feet high! And serves the best lobsters in the universe! The scenery from your yacht, as you cruise through the perfect blue waters of the Caribbean, will delight even the most traveled vacationer. Novice sailors enjoy the security of knowing that they are very rarely out of sight of land. There’s nearly always an island close by. If you need a break for some lunch or a swim, a beautiful white sand beach is waiting close by.

As you might expect, the variety of yachts available for you to charter is considerable – monohulls or catamarans, sailboats or motor charters. You will be able to find something to suit every budget and requirement. Obviously, the larger the boat you select, the larger the staterooms that will be available to you, with catamarans customarily providing the most spacious accommodations. Needless to say, though, you can be assured that the quality of interior furnishings and facilities represent the highest possible standards that you would demand for yourself and your fellow travelers.

Your first decision, of course, is whether to choose a crewed charter or go ‘bareboat’. If you choose the latter, then imagine the ultimate sailing experience, with complete freedom and independence. Around the BVI you will be able to safely enjoy line of sight sailing with a reliable breeze and perfect visibility, and few open water hazards.

Charter companies will like to have some indication that you have good sailing experience and a charter history, and that the skipper of the boat is qualified. Although certifications are not always mandatory, they are useful. At least one person on the vessel should know what they’re doing!

When it comes to selecting a crewed charter, the possibilities are very wide. Some companies offer a ‘captain only’ service, with the qualified skipper being totally responsible for the safe operation of the yacht but perhaps needing your assistance with the sailing. Some crewed charters offer both a captain and a cook, so that no-one on the journey needs to worry about cooking, cleaning or making sure there is enough ice! It’s also possible to charter a fully-crewed boat, some of which even have members of the crew who are qualified scuba diving teachers – certified to at least the level of Dive Master.

Come and discover exactly why Tortola has become one of the world’s favorite sailing and yacht charter hot spots. Chartering a great yacht is the ultimate luxury of the sea; your own private cruise, with nothing to do except relax and watch the Caribbean flow by. Whatever your charter requirements, there will be companies in Tortola who will not only meet your expectations but far exceed them.
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