How to travel on a Budget



“You’re always traveling.” I’m often told by Facebook friends and family who seem to think that I hit the lottery. The truth is that I do not have a large stash of money put away. In fact, I don’t need a lot of money to travel. And that is why I have compiled so tips that anyone can implicate when traveling to minimize your spending.

Avoid traveling during peak season

When traveling outside of peak season you can guarantee that you receive greater accommodations for your money. You can also ensure that wherever you are traveling will be less congested with tourers. Always research the weather during the time of year that you are planning on visiting. If you are wanting to visit Europe the best times to visit is during the spring and fall, summer is when most travels go on vacation so the prices will be almost double than what you would pay if you were to travel outside of peak season.


If you are looking for a way to save on flights, I have found that Hopper is a great app to have. The app lets you know if you will be getting the best deal by booking now or waiting so that you don’t have to guess. You can opt to “Watch this trip” and receive an alert when the price drops. Available on Android and Apple.

Being flexible will also get you a long way. If you can be flexible with the dates, times and airline then you can save a great deal. Especially if you can fly out on a weekday, more specifically Tuesday-Thursday. The best search times are between 2-4am and always clear your browser each time you search. and let you pay for flights in installments and you search for airlines that let your bags fly free.


Call the hotel or visit their website to see if they offer an incentive for staying a certain amount of nights. Such as staying three nights and get one free. Airbnb and HomeAway are really popular. I personally have not used the services of Airbnb and I have mixed feelings about it so do your research before booking. You can also benefit from bundling through Southwest.

Take advantage of the complimentary breakfast and some hotels offer a happy hour where adult beverages and light refreshments are served for (get this) FREE. And when going out to eat at a restaurant it may be wise to get a doggy bag for later if you do not devour your entire meal. Rather than eating out you could save a ton of money by opting to use delivery services. By ordering pizza or something inexpensive you could pay $40 to feed your whole family versus paying $100+ by eating at a restaurant and always check Groupon for coupons, they almost always have buy one get one free coupons for dining out.

If you are traveling to a major city you should look into purchasing a CityPASS. It covers a lot of primary tourist spots such as museums, cruises and most times you can even skip the lines. I also use Tripadvisor to search for activities, and there are lots of free tours that you can book. Viator is a great website to look for discounted activities and you will receive 10% off of your initial signup.

Use public transportation

It is very tempting to rent a vehicle when travel because it is faster and more convenient, however, it is also more expensive. You may have to pay for parking at the hotel, wherever you decide to go and let’s not forget how city traffic can be such a hassle. Instead try taking a local bus, train, subway or Uber but try to avoid taxis. Taxi drivers can pretty much smell a tourist and will take advantage of the situation by hiking the prices. Taking public transit may take you a little longer to get to your destination but it will be worth the extra dolla signs in your bank account.

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These are all tips that I have tried to save while traveling. whether you are traveling alone, with a group or spouse there are always ways to save and get more value for your money.

Get to Planning!!

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