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28 Ways to Make Money as a Teen


There are so many ways to make money as a teenager. Whether it is to save for college, to invest in a big project, for shopping or buying food, clothes or video games the opportunities are limitless. When I was in my teens, we did not have all of the opportunities that exist right now, to make money both online and offline.

We relied on our parents for an allowance and we could go out and get a job at the grocery store. Those were really our only options but now all the opportunities for teens to make money today are growing by the day.  I am pleased to be able to share this list with you so you can get some ideas for your kids, if you are a parent or for yourself if you are a teenager.

1. Clean Houses or buildings

Assisting established cleaners will give you a way to be able to regularly earn money and is safer than cleaning homes unless you are cleaning the homes of people you personally know.

2. Babysitting

3. Swagbucks

Using Swagbucks, which, once accumulated, can be redeemed for gift cards. You can also earn free gift cards for watching videos or taking surveys via the app.

4. InboxDollars

This online option provides an easy way to earn some money by providing feedback on a variety of things. Like Swagbucks, you can earn money for watching television online, shopping or taking surveys.

5. Pet Care

Similar to babysitting, this option provides teenagers with the opportunity to watch others’ pets. This can be while the owners are on vacation or simply to take the animals on walks daily.

6. Tutoring

Tutoring is something that can be done both online and offline. Any subject that a teen is knowledgeable about can be used as a tutoring focus.

Online platforms that you can join include:

7. Start A YouTube Channel

This may not be an option that will result in immediate funds, but the potential is there for it to provide regular income if the number of viewers meets Youtubes requirements.  You can start a channel in a particular interest such as gaming, entertainment, sports, thrift shopping etc. then monetize it through YouTube’s Partner Program or through affiliate marketing or your own products.

8. Bake Sale

Another oldie but goodie is a bake sale. Use a stellar recipe, bake something tasty like cookies, cake, cupcakes and start selling it.

9. Wash Cars

All that is required to wash cars are buckets, soap, rags, and window cleaner. Start in your neighborhood by asking neighbors whether they want their cars washed.

10. Take Online Surveys

Several websites pay survey takers, providing another way to make money as a teenager. Some are open to those as young as 13, and many are geared to teenage-related topics.

Join as many survey sites as you can. Some great survey sites to try include:

11. Work at a Restaurant

This is an option that has been around for a while, but it’s still a valid one for teens today. Both fast food and sit-down restaurants should be considered.

12. Camp Counselor

Although these are usually only available during the summer months, being a camp counselor is a great option for those looking for more money then.

13. Fiverr

One of the best paying jobs for teens is working with Fiverr. This option is an especially promising one for those talented with things like drawing, video making or writing.

14. Etsy

Teens who are talented at making crafts should sell their creations on Etsy. Things bought at thrift stores or created digitally can be sold here too.

15. Upwork

This is another great option for teens ages 18 and 19. It’s best for those who have talent in things like writing, graphic and web design.

Similar to Fiverr

16. Movie Theater Worker

17. Music Xray

This website provides teens with the opportunity to earn money by listening to music and sharing their opinions on it.

18. Assisting the Elderly

Helping out the elderly is another great way for teens to earn money as many seniors either need to remain home or simply prefer to do so. If you have an elderly neighbor you can ask if they need assistance with household chores and work out a pay scale where they can pay you for your time.
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19. CafePress

CafePress offers teens the opportunity to sell designs for things like shirts, pillows and coffee mugs.

20. Userlytics

Mobile apps use Userlytics to pay teens and adults to use, test them and provide their opinions on what worked, what didn’t and what could be improved. Small startup owners and even larger corporations, use Userlytics to get customer insights into their websites, prototypes, advertisements or videos before it is released to the public.

21. Online Customer Service

Companies such as U-Haul regularly hire teens 16 and older as customer service representatives who work from home via a high-speed internet connection and headset.

22. Jingit

Teenagers of any age can earn money at Jingit by doing things like watching online ads and taking surveys.

23. ThredUP

If gently used clothing from places like Banana Republic and J. Crew are in a teen’s closet, selling it at ThredUP is a great option for earning money.

ThredUp is an online consignment and thrift store that allows you to sell high-quality second-hand clothing.

24. Amazon Turk

Those who are 14 or older are eligible to earn money by performing a variety of small tasks for Amazon Turk. How it works, small companies that have computer-based tasks, hire you to perform simple tasks that you can do from home.

25. Qriket

Another online option for earning money that is available for teenagers is this one. Participants watch short ads and spin a wheel to determine the amount earned. To start you must download their free app. 

26. Collect Cans and Bottles

Bringing cans and bottles to recycling centers or grocery stores is one of the ways for teens to make money that is not restricted by age.

27. Snow Shoveling

28. Slicethepie

This is another website that pays listeners to enjoy some music and provide brief reviews about them. Slicethepie also offers money for reviews on fashion and mobile phone accessories.

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