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Week two of 2019


Two weeks into 2019…

Are you still excited about what’s to come?

The new year is one of two things: either it’s your busiest time because you’re in a mad dash to make things happen OR you are stalling (procrastinating) your way to “perfection” before you actually do something. Woooo!

Well, today I’d like to share with you the four decisions I made in 2018 that changed my business (and my life) forever. And when I say “changed my business” I don’t mean that I magically got more Instagram followers…

I mean that I more than tripled my profits in 2018 (all while working less…much less).

Now just a heads up…

None of what I am going to share with you is some “magic secret”. Nope, these are the type of things that may seem obvious but hey, sometimes what’s most obvious are the things we often overlook.

Like, you know that drinking more water would be good for you, but that doesn’t necessarily stop you from grabbing the Stella Rosa, am-I-right?

So don’t just read these tips I am going to share with you, ask yourself if you’re truly doing these things in your own business and then move your tush to do what’s right!!

# 01: I told my fears to suck it!

Most of what holds us back in life is FEAR.

Fear of failure, fear of the unknown, fear of rejection. Fear of success (yes that’s a real thing!)

I spent years working really, really hard doing the things that were safe and easy and comfortable. But being safe is what was keeping me stuck.

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Every time I was confronted with something that made me uncomfortable, instead of tackling it with courage, I would cave to the voices in my head—you know the ones that like to point out all your flaws.

You’re not ready for that kind of success.

You’re not capable of that many sales.

You’re not ready to lead a community.

And rather than face it, I ignored it.

Basically, as long as I was comfortable, I was okay. But in order to grow and scale any business, you must overcome your fears.

And when I finally came to the realization that if I was going to grow, I was going to have to dip outside of my comfort zone, because then and only then could I do the “right” work I needed to do to get me to where I wanted to go. (But I never could have gotten there if I wasn’t willing to admit what I was struggling with.)

What are the areas in your business that you feel insecure? Fearful? Worried?

That’s usually a sign that that’s exactly where you need to go.

So, stop wasting time operating in fear, it’s not helping!

# 02: I found the courage to ASK 🙌🏾 FOR 🙌🏾 THE 🙌🏾 SALE:

Now don’t get me wrong…I ain’t no punk. But sometimes even the most experienced business owners get a little clammy when it comes to selling.

But like my mom always says, “Baby, a closed mouth don’t get fed.”

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And this ties into letting go of your fears, but finding the courage to put your work out there (with a price tag attached), finding the courage to ask for the sale, finding the courage to charge what you’re worth, is EVERYTHING.

You are not a non-profit!

If you don’t have revenue you don’t have a business.

So many entrepreneurs struggle with this and they end up missing out on money, opportunity, and happiness because they are afraid of being the pushy sales lady.

But ask yourself this simple question…

Do you believe in the product you’re selling?

If you have something of value, something you truly believe can change someone’s life, something you truly love and know others will love too, why would you want to keep that to yourself?

Stop feeling weird about selling.

I mean what’s the worse that can happen? People will either be interested in what you have to offer or they won’t. They’ll either buy or they won’t. They’ll either stay on your email list or they won’t.

But I don’t think people are going to crucify you because you told them about something they could buy.

Don’t take it personal if someone says no I don’t like that.

Don’t take it personal if someone unsubscribes.

Don’t take it personal if someone doesn’t click the buy now button.

So freakin what!!

People aren’t rejecting you as a person, they are just saying NO to your product. You say no to things all the time…

No, I’m not going to buy that ice cream today.

No, I’m not going to watch this TV show.

No, I’m not going to buy that Gucci bag.

And it’s not because you hate the person who made the ice cream or the producers of a TV show or the designers who make Gucci…

It’s because you: don’t have the money, the time, the interest, etc.

So stop worrying about being annoying or pushy or salesy or aggressive. And start thinking about how much money you’re losing because you were too afraid to ask!

# 03: I spoke success over my life EVERY.SINGLE.DAY:

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Every day I remind myself that I am capable of great things.

Every day I write down my dreams and goals and I write them as if they’ve already happened.

Every day I envision my best life as if I am already living it.

Things like “I am a multi-passionate 6-figure businesswoman.” Things like “I am an amazing mom and wife.” Things like “I am a in the best shape of my life.”

You have to give your mind, spirit and body instructions.

If you want to make a million bucks, tell yourself every day you “I am a millionaire” so you can train your mind to figure out ways to get you there.

If you want to lose 10 pounds, tell yourself “I am in the best shape of my life” so your body will initiate the actions needed to get you there.

So I write down my dreams each and every day. And then I take at least 15 minutes throughout the day to meditate on them.

It’s not magic, it’s simply setting intentions and focusing on where I want to go. If this is something you do not currently implement I encourage you to start right now.

The dreams I write down in my planner– are the successes I’m living out today so if you need a daily prompt be sure and check out our new planner Biz Planner

# 04: I’m a student of the game:

Knowledge is power and the more you know, the more you grow. Yeah, it may sound cliche but I cannot stress this enough:

90% of what I know I learned for free.

I watched YouTube videos, I read blogs, I listened to podcasts, and Siri became my best friend. There is nothing that is not figureoutable.

You can Google a question and in an instant have a gazillion solutions staring you in the face.

Do I invest in paid courses and resources? Absolutely. But I do these things to shorten the learning curve. If you do not have the money to take shortcuts in your business, you can make the time to learn how to do it yourself!

How to build a blog, how to flip properties, how to build a membership site, how to record a video, how to set up a Facebook group, how to get a planner designed and printed…

literally every single “how-to” I needed to know how to build my business, I taught myself for free.

The things you are struggling with in your business, those are the things you need to be studying.

The things you’d like to accomplish this year, those are the blogs and books you need to read.

The things you’d like to master as a business owner, those are the things you need to inquire about in Facebook groups, Google forums, blog communities…which are all FREE, FREE, FREE!

Stop making excuses and start finding solutions. You are smart enough, ready enough, woman enough to take your business to the next level!

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