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The real reason why men cheat

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Hey Ladies!

Are you tired of your man being unfaithful to you? Are you tired of getting into relationships only to have your man eventually end up being unfaithful to you? Are you ready to STOP being cheated on and ready to figure out how you can free him from his unfaithful ways once and for all?

Do you believe that once a cheater, always a cheater?

If your answer is “YES” you are not alone…

After being with an unfaithful man, I too wanted his cheating ways to end, I never wanted to feel that type of pain ever again. I went into fix-it mode. So naturally I began improving myself, my conduct, my focus, my words, my looks, I wanted to change everything to please him, so he would never think about cheating on me again.

Do you think all my efforts made my relationship cheat proof?

I am sad to report that my efforts did not change my man into a committed boyfriend.

Through my own personal experiences, I had to come to the realization that a man being unfaithful has nothing to do with his partner, it has everything to do with his own personal challenges and struggles, that sometimes require professional support in order to discover the root of the problem.

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Please understand you are not the blame, it would not matter if you were damn near perfect, had only a few issues, or had a lot of issues, if a man struggles with committing to one woman, he’s going to struggle regardless, of who you are.

Yes, let’s be real if you were damn near perfect you may maintain his attention a little longer than another woman, but you’re not going to free him of his commitment issues unless you’re a professional therapist.

A lot of women struggle with this concept because our egos tell us that a man’s commitment issues have everything to do with us not being pretty enough, smart enough, fun enough, young enough, thin enough, thick enough, or having long enough hair, etc.

I’m here today to let you know that your man’s commitment issues have nothing to do with you or your personal look…It’s a lot deeper than you. Now don’t get me wrong if you feel that you need to lose a few pounds, eat healthier, educate yourself etc. Yes, you go, girl, I’m all for it, but build self-improvement for you, not because you believe it will keep a man or get a man.

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