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Tips for buying wholesale fashion

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If you plan to open an online boutique selling women’s fashion, sooner or later you’re going to discover that finding quality wholesale vendors is both a crapshoot and an art form.

And that feeling of disappointment, when you open up an order you’ve waited weeks to receive, only to discover that the sizes run waaaay to small.

The fabric is cheap and flimsy.

And your order looks NOTHING like you expected….

Well, it’s all the way real.

That’s why over the next few articles I plan to share some of my best tips for finding wholesalers, negotiating with suppliers, and buying your inventory quickly and safely.

If there’s a question you have that I don’t answer, just leave a comment at the bottom of the page and I’ll add the ones that come up most to the series. Ready?

Good. Me too, so in no particular order let’s dive in.

  • When selecting your inventory keep it simple – at least until you have an established relationship with the vendor

Stay away from structured, complicated products.

Think about the processes that need to go into creating the item, as the more pieces that need to be assembled the more room there is for error. This advice applies to everything from clothes to electronics. Buy basics.

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  • Ask if they have different logistic centers

Some of the larger wholesalers have warehouses in different locations. Make sure you know what locations they have and if they use the closest warehouse to ship to your customers. This helps keep your shipping costs down.

  • Choose light durable products

Shipping costs vary depending on where the item is coming from and going to. I like light but sturdy items, as they are cheaper to send and can often be cheaper to replace.

  • Keep your supply chain diverse

Sadly, it’s possible to lose your biggest supplier overnight. This isn’t a problem if it’s a product that’s not selling, but when the supplier of your bestseller goes up in smoke, you have a problem.

Always have a plan A, B, and C.

So that’s it for today,  but if you’ve found these tips helpful, keep an eye out for my next blog article as there are more coming, and don’t forget you can send your questions in by commenting below.

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