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25 At Home Date Ideas

25 Stay In Date Ideas

It’s weekend and all you want is a night out with your man but you can’t find a babysitter anywhere. What do you do? Sometimes it’s easier to just stay at home than going out on the town and spending unnecessary money. Here are 25 fun, cheap and totally doable at home date night ideas that you can do from the comfort of your own home!

The kids are in bed and sound asleep or in my case my kids are usually gone on the weekends. So what do you do? Do you spend some quality time with your spouse or do you lie on different ends of the couch, barely speaking or interacting?

Spending quality time together as a couple and keeping the fire burning is essential for a happy marriage. Even if you want to spend time with your husband, it’s not always that easy. You might be working different shifts, be in a financial rut, your kids may be having a hard time falling asleep, or you’re just too tired at the end of the day.

Not all of us can even afford to go on dates every month. And if we would have to pay for a babysitter as well you might as well forget about it… That’s why I started researching for date night ideas that we can have at home!

A tiny bit of forethought can turn staying home into something extra special, memorable and very romantic! If you want your relationship to thrive, then learn to communicate your love for your partner through words, gifts, presents, gestures, touches, looks and through your actions. “Tune in” to romantic opportunities. They’re all around you. Listen for them. Watch for them. Train yourself to notice potentially romantic ideas and gifts.

That’s why I came up with a list of 25 inexpensive, fun, and entirely doable date night ideas that you can do at home while the kids are sleeping. So go ahead and put your kids down for the night, grab your husband, choose something to do from the list below, and get your dating on!


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1. Spa date

But here’s the good news. Having a home spa is equally relaxing, and you can invite your spouse to do a couples spa night in your own bathroom. Buy a body scrub and face mask or make them yourself.

2. Romantic candlelight dinner

This is a classic that doesn’t need any explanation. Feed your kids dinner and then put them to bed, after they’ve fallen asleep, you and your man can eat in peace. By eating by yourselves, you get a chance to reconnect and talk about something that’s more age appropriate for you. Cook something that you both like or order in and set the mood by setting a romantic table.

3. Movie marathon

Pop some popcorn, get out the snacks and wine and cuddle up on the sofa. A movie marathon usually has a theme. Like an actor or a genre or you may want to find a series on Netflix. I usually find it hard to stay awake during one movie, let alone two. But you can always watch the second film the next night.


4. Play board and video games

I can almost guarantee that your husband played video games growing up. And maybe you did too? More and more people are playing video games, and perhaps you already own one especially if you have children? You don’t always have to talk to each other at date night. Sometimes the conversation just doesn’t flow. If that’s the case for you, then you should definitely play a board game! Board games are so much fun, and there’s a ton of them out there.

5. Have a theme night

A theme makes everything more fun, don’t you think? And there are endless ideas! You can have a French night and serve French wine and baguettes while watching a French movie. Or a Soul night with Soulfood inspired by different movies. Create a beach in your living room, dress up with flower leis and have Hawaiian night. You could even copy your favorite movie and watch it after or during dinner.

6. Put together a wine tasting and Fondue party

The best way to learn about wine is with great company. There’s a lot of knowledge behind organizing a wine tasting. But with a little bit of research, you will be able to host a nice wine tasting.

Have you tried fondue yet? It’s delicious. You’ll need to invest in a fondue pot with a small flame underneath that keeps the mixture warm. Then you can serve fruits and berries, chocolate, cheese, marshmallow, nuts, or crackers. Sounds delicious, huh? Get my favorite Electric Fondue Pot here

7. Date Night Box 

 Romantic Date Night in a Box 

This is the perfect stay at home date night activity. Simply open and enjoy a few hours of meaningful connection with your partner. The box focuses on honing your communications in a super fun & interactive way.

8. Hire a personal chef

Learn how to cook each other’s favorite meal­. A useful skill that will come in handy for future special occasions.  BON APPETIT!

9. Have a picnic in your living room

The great thing about picnics is that you can have a romantic date anywhere. The awesome thing about having a picknick indoors in your own home is that you can have it any-frigging-time. It doesn’t matter if it’s February and snowy outside. You can still enjoy a romantic picnic with your husband.

10.  Have drinks, eat wings and watch sport

If you’re not a beer drinker, you can figure out what kind of drinks you’re like to enjoy or go to Pinterest for some inspiration. Your husband will like that you made an effort! Then make some restaurant style Buffalo chicken wings and let your hubby choose what game to watch on TV. You don’t have to enjoy the game, but you know that at least the wings will be good.

11. Take a bubble bath together.

12. Just a little bit naughty.

The topic of lingerie is the one place where love, sex and romance all come together. Ladies, guys really, really, really, really, really love seeing you in lingerie. Guys, ladies really, really, really, really, really, need romance.

  • Ladies, stage a personal Lingerie Fashion Show for him.
  • Guys, wear a black bow tie and nothing else.
  • Buy a few cheap pieces of lingerie so that you can rip them off each other.
  • Guys, sometime during the evening, quietly slip away and spread out on the bed the lingerie that you’d like her to wear.
  • When in doubt, wear a garter belt, sexy lace sheer stockings, and heels.
  • Spray your favorite cologne or perfume on your pillowcases or sheets.

Enjoying a romantic stay-at-home date night with your love will help your relationship create depth and meaning. You’ll also create a safe haven where you can really be yourself and experience those sparks of infatuation again.

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13. Blind Karaoke.

You play by selecting a song you know well on youtube, then putting in headphones so only you can hear (big sound-blocking headphones work best), then you are blindfolded. I’m terrible at karaoke, so this works perfectly for me since I can’t see anyone’s reactions or hear myself sing! This is funniest if you pick a song with a lot of different voices (since the listener can’t hear the background, only your voice).

14. Learn a new skill together on youtube.

Youtube is amazing. You could take a Spanish class, learn how to swing dance, change a flat tire, or improve your singing. Seriously anything you can think of, someone is anxious to teach you on youtube.

15. Play name that tune.

Find the top 40 most popular songs from when your spouse graduated high school. Look the songs up on Spotify or Youtube. Take turns playing the songs, pausing them and seeing if your spouse can sing the next line.

16. Make a keepsake.

Video record yourselves talking together about how you first met, special memories you have through the years, what you find attractive about the other one. Your kids will love you for doing this! I would treasure having a video like this of my parents or grandparents!

17. Backyard Camping Date

Whether you’re an “outdoorsy” person or not, you’ll love this backyard campout date! You can make it as rugged or as comfortable as you like and the best part is you don’t even have to leave your backyard!

18. After-Dark Scavenger Hunt

 Scavenger hunts are super fun on their own, but add the challenge of a nighttime hunt and you have yourself an evening of fun!

 Couples Conversation Starter Cards 

19. Make homemade ice cream

Extra points for whoever comes up with the most creative idea! We certainly love making ice cream with our ice cream maker, but there are other methods for making homemade ice cream.

20. Indoor campfire

You can make s’mores indoors, or maybe one of those s’more skillet recipes that were so popular last year! Make a meal out of it and roast hot dogs over the stove top, too.

21. Wine and canvas

You could do watercolors together, paint self-portraits on an easel, or anything in between. You can order paint by number kits or hire someone to come to your home to instruct you just like in the actual classes.

22. Nerf Gun War

We LOVE these Nerf Guns. They are small, but they pack a lot of punch and are so fun.

23. Chopped Cooking Competition

Each of you grab 3 random ingredients from the fridge or pantry.  Then, see who makes the best dish with those 6 ingredients.

24. Create a Dream Board Together

We love to dream…to share our hopes and desires for the future. Cutting out magazine pictures, words, etc. and gluing them on a poster board helps us to visualize our dreams. This is your time to set goals for your marriage and keep the momentum moving forward, and more importantly, moving forward together.

25. Cuddle by the Fire

This has become a favorite of ours. There is nothing like cozying up next to the love of your life by a fire. We do this both indoor and outdoor and love it all just the same. There is just something about being in the arms of your beloved, don’t you agree?

Do you have other ideas for romantic stay-at-home date nights? Please share some of your favorites!

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