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Want more useful ideas to improve your relationship with your man?

80 ways to show her you care

1. Ask him directly what makes him happy. Listen, remember those things, and give them to him regularly without being asked.

2. Use loving words of acknowledgment and appreciation every day. Let your man know how much you respect and admire him. Men would rather feel unloved than inadequate.

3. Be lighthearted, sociable, and quick to laugh. Share your sense of humor and a sense of fun with your man.

4. Show him you care about him by caring for yourself. Keep fit and active, and take pride in your appearance.

5. Offer him the night off to go hang with his friends or suggest a guy’s weekend away.

6. If he has a hobby, learn about it and show interest. Give him the time and space to pursue the hobby regularly.

7. Focus more on what he is doing right and less on what he is doing wrong.

8. Arrange a special date night with him that is fun and light. Surprise him with something unexpected. Leave problems and worries at home.

9. If he needs time to unwind at the end of a workday, give him 30 minutes to decompress and be alone.

10. Don’t over commit yourself with childcare or work responsibilities. Leave time every day to spend one-on-one with him.

11. Arrange activities or pursuits that you can do together that you know he would like — tennis, biking, golf, sports outings, or whatever he enjoys doing.

12. Cook his favorite meal and have it ready when he comes home.

13. Instigate something new, different, and exciting in bed.

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14. Send him an email or text at work just to tell him that you love him and can’t wait to see him.

15. Talk lovingly and respectfully about him in front of friends and family. Never disparage him in front of others, especially your children.

16. Write him a love note telling him all of the things you admire about him and leave it in his car.

17. Give him a sexy care package with some skimpy lingerie (for you), a spicy video, bubble bath, champagne, and a special invitation for a night together.

18. Arrange a weekend getaway to the mountains or beach for just the two of you.

19. Get up early and bring him breakfast or coffee in bed.

20. Invite him to talk with you about what is bothering him, stressing him, or making him feel down, and just listen without trying to fix it. Remind him that you have faith in him and his abilities.

21. If he’s a dad, tell him what a great father he is.

22. Sit with him watching TV or a movie and just “be” without talking.

23. Share your own feelings with him, but use an economy of words. Men sometimes feel flooded with too many words.

24. Massage his back or rub his neck without having to be asked.

25. Communicate in healthy and productive ways, without sarcasm, criticism, or guilt trips.

26. Suggest that you create mutual goals for your relationship, family, finances, and future. Bond together by spending time working on this.

27. Ask for his input even if you don’t always need it.

28. Meet him at work for a surprise lunch or drink at the end of the day.

29. Be kind and gracious to his parents and family.

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30. Surprise him with a new gift that you know he would like.

31. Before you throw away any of his papers or miscellaneous stuff, check with him.

32. Accept that your way isn’t the only way, and he can achieve the desired results even if he approaches it differently.

33. Let him figure out the directions without having to stop and ask.

34. Offer to handle one of his man chores just to give him a break.

35. Frequently tell him he looks handsome.

36. Make a private, suggestive comment to him at a group gathering to create anticipation and set the stage for later in the evening.

37. Be kind, even when you want to go crazy on him.

38. Don’t undermine him in front of the children.

39. Compliment his parenting skills.

40. Hide funny and loving notes around the house where he will find them.

41. Reminisce with him about the wonderful times you had together.

42. Bake him a homemade cake.

43. Allow him to be grumpy on occasion and give him some space.

44. Ask him directly for what you need. Be clear and specific.

45. Send him a sexy picture of you.

46. Every day, tell him something you love about him.

47. Let him “overhear” you praise him to others.

48. Don’t use his weaknesses against him or as a way to manipulate him.

49. Respond to him sexually on occasions when you aren’t in the mood. (You might get in the mood!)

50. Remember little acts of thoughtfulness. Make him lunch when you make yours.

51. Take his clothes to the cleaners.

52. Leave an umbrella in his car on a rainy day.

53. Don’t be his mother. Treat him like an adult even if his habits or behaviors seem to need “correcting.”

54. Let him have a man cave — a space that is all his own.

55. Send him a gift at work or flowers so everyone will know how much you love him.

56. Show interest in his work and ask him questions.

57. Buy a bottle of wine or champagne to enjoy while sitting outside together under the stars.

58. Arrange a get-together with his friends for a football or basketball game on TV, and prepare great food for the group.

59. Tell him you are sorry when it was your fault and sometimes when it wasn’t.

60. Set up a tent in your yard and sleep outside together under the stars.

61. Go to a comedy show together.

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62. Buy tickets to a concert by his favorite band or group.

63. Don’t dash his dreams.

64. Ask him what he wants sexually and give it to him.

65. Be real with him. Don’t play games or be stubborn out of pride.

66. Show him tenderness. He may not say he wants it, but he does.

67. Be his number one fan.

68. Buy him some sexy boxers or briefs.

69. Don’t say anything hurtful before bed or before he leaves for the day.

70. Ask for his advice.

71. Don’t talk about your past loves in front of him.

72. Don’t compare him to other men.

73. Play a board game or cards with him.

74. Ask him about his family traditions and incorporate some of them into your life together.

75. Be spontaneous.

76. Make a big deal about his birthday.

77. Suggest going for a test drive in an expensive sports car on a Saturday afternoon.

78. Learn his personality type and understand what motivates him.

79. Let him be vulnerable with you safely.

80. Show him you love him in some small way every day.

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