*STOP* them in their scroll 🖐🏼


Scroll – Stopping – Content.

It’s what we all want, right?

It’s tiring to write your heart out each day, yet feel like no one’s taking the time to actually read it. I know how discouraging that is.

And I have some GOOD news for you. What if it had nothing to do with your content?

What if there was a way to get more people to stop and read your caption that’s something you’d be interested in right?


Here’s the reality:

✳︎ most people skim + keep scrolling

✳︎ some will stop if a little somethin’ somethin’ catches their eye

✳︎ even fewer will read all the way to the end

✳︎ and only the most dedicated are reading the whole thang

Would you agree that’s how you read most social media posts? I know my head is nodding.

So if we can accept that that’s the reality of most people on social media, there is a way (actually 4 of them!) to make your captions EASY to read.

And EASY allows them to quickly take in and “get” what you’re saying so they can (likely unconsciously) decide to read more carefully or keep scrolling.

4 ways to improve the readability of your captions:

1️⃣ CREATE some breathing room.⁠

Don’t write in one solid block of text. Add some line breaks to let their eyes rest and take in your words.⁠

2️⃣DISRUPT the easy scroll.⁠

Add unexpected word choices, emojis, text spacing, or capitalization.

Remember you gotta admit even your own behavior is on auto-pilot on Instagram… you scroll > double-tap > scroll > scroll > scroll. As we grow accustomed to ‘what to expect’ from an account, we sometimes go straight robot 🤖

Interrupt their pattern.⁠ Put the most intriguing little juicy bit in the first line before the “MORE” button. Use emojis to your advantage.

3️⃣ACCEPT the skimmers.⁠

Of course, we all want everyone to be a detailed reader, but we know that’s just not the reality.⁠

If you can write a caption that caters to both the skimmers + attention to detailers = more people will read. Which means more people will be PAYING ATTENTION to what you’re talking about.⁠

If you’re sharing a few tips, break it down into “3 ways to…”, give your caption a mini headline so they understand what it’s going to be about and can decide to skim through or read, or ask a thought-provoking question.

4️⃣NARROW down your content buckets.⁠

If you’re having trouble gaining traction, it may be because you’re confusing your audience. 🙃⁠ (and a confused customer doesn’t buy)⁠

You don’t need to flip flop between 25 different topics, and if you’re a small, one-woman business, it’s probably hard even to keep up with that many + do it well.⁠ Repetition in your content is a GOOD thing and is how you’ll become known as “THE ACCOUNT” for xyz.

Which one will you try THIS WEEK?⁠ seriously. don’t overthink it – you can start making these simple changes in your very next post.

If you try it out, don’t forget to tag me in it so I can check it out! #bizownhers

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