I’ve put together a shortlist of activities to choose from that would challenge us in 2020. Choose one or two and try it for one year.

This Year’s Goal Challenges w/ Tamp Jones



  • 365-Day Bible Reading Plan
  • 365 Days of Giving Challenge
  • 365 Days of Affirmations



    • 52 Mondays Goal Challenge
    • 52-Week Money Challenge
  • 52 Meatless Mondays Challenge
  • Books & Brew: Read 100 Books in a Year Challenge



    • 21-Day Daniel Fast
  • Gym & Juice: 5-day Juice Challenge ( January, June & September) 


Other Challenges you may enjoy! 

    • 365 days of “Random Acts of Kindness
    • Send 365 greeting cards (by mail) to family and friends
    • Keep a gratitude journal and write in it every day
    • Learn a new word every day, for one year
    • Do some sort of physical exercise every day
    • Write and publish a blog post every day
    • Write a poem, draw, or do something creative every day
    • Create something from Pinterest every day for 365 days
  • Take 10,000 Fitbit steps per day

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