The Differentiator Difference


So it’s no secret that the “internet” is where it’s at…


These days anyone who has something to say, show or sell can hop online and leverage platforms like Instagram or YouTube to get seen or heard. But where there is opportunity there are buckets of competition. The Internet is getting more and more crowded every day and because there is so much noise, there’s a good chance that you can build an incredible business and still be invisible!


Because there are a million other people trying to sell the same exact thing as you—yep a banana is a banana is a banana, no matter who you buy it from.

When I first started my online business, I was a distributor for a health and wellness company. Well, the problem with this was that there were 100,000 other distributors selling the same thing as me. So, I came up with a training site that taught new distributors how to leverage the internet to build their business. It was a hit! I had distributors signing up left and right for this because I was able to package and pitch the business opportunity in a way that was bigger than the actual product itself.

So what’s the answer to getting people to buy your bananas?

If you are able to build a brand that stands out, says and does things in a uniquely creative way, and looks different than all the rest, then you can really cut through the clutter and find yourself with a business that not only attracts tons of people but makes lots of money as well.

You see, people don’t want your Pinterest course; they want to picture themselves living the laptop lifestyle, making money on autopilot and OWNING the fact that they are their own boss. That’s what you need to be selling and talking about and creating marketing campaigns around.

Building a StoryBrand: Clarify Your Message So Customers Will Listen

The Pinterest course gets sold as a by-product of the brand. That’s exactly why Dove started their whole Body Confidence Campaign—because no one pays attention to soap commercials but they will perk up for a cause.

So with that said, you don’t have to be a big company to get noticed—consider someone like Massy Arias and what she’s been able to do with her Instagram account. Girlfriend has over 2.5 million followers, by focusing on this idea that strength is the new black—and then whatever she sells on the backend (the diet plan, the yoga pants, the protein powders) happens as a byproduct.

Most entrepreneurs are so overwhelmed by everything that they need to do – creating content, posting on social media, emailing their list, developing products – that they put little to no thought into their overall brand identity. It’s just easier to swipe someone else’s style and use it as your own.

But here’s the problem with that.

What works for another #womanpreneuher is not guaranteed to work for you. You can duplicate every single step and still come out with a different result.

I hear entrepreneurs say all the time, “I don’t know why it’s not working for me, I’m doing everything so-and-so told me to do.”

Well, as someone who for the first two years was doing everything to recreate the success someone else had achieved, but still not making the money I wanted, I made it my mission to figure out what the heck I was doing wrong.

Why was I marketing my butt off but not making money?

Just take a look at some of the most successful female entrepreneurs on the web:

Marie Forleo

Rachel Hollis

Danielle LaPorte

Caitlin Bacher

Melyssa Griffin

Jenna Kutcher

Carrie Green

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What makes them successful?:

  • They are unlike any other personal brands in the marketplace.
  • They have global reach each with a “Jenny from the Block” kind of vibe.
  • They are vocal advocates for things they care about. (Marie Forleo: Pencils For Promise, Jenner Kutcher: anti-body shaming, Carrie Green: female entrepreneurs)
  • Their branding is original with visuals not seen anywhere else.

They all pretty much “sell’ the same thing right: courses on how to build a wildly successful business online.

But what I noticed they did that was better than most?

They were able to grow this omnipresent brand. It was this intangible “magic” they were able to create that literally drew people to them and allowed them to create an almost “cult-like” following.

This magic is called the Differentiator Difference

The brands who continually (or soon will) kill their competition are those who understand that branding goes much deeper than pretty visuals, cute logos, and “what-everyone-else-created” products and services.

Successful branding is the HOW behind the WHAT (product) and the WHO (target market) and it creates a layered, sculpted, experience-driven that becomes the differentiating factor that helps you stand out and sell more.

To create a layered, brilliant and competition-killing brand, three things must happen:

1. You must understand your brand vision (internal beliefs, mission, culture, vibe)

2. You must understand your perfect fit fan (the audience that gets – and buys into – what you are trying to bring to the table)

3. You must understand what differentiates you from your competition (from packaging to how you position your content, the customer experience must be unique to YOU)

Combined, these elements create brand magic.

When you clearly define your Differentiator Difference you:

01) Make a good first impression – meaning it grabs people’s attention – you want someone to stop scrolling and say let me check this out

02) Get people to engage – you want someone to say I like what they are talking about I want more. So whether it’s spending time on your blog or watching your youtube video or signing up for your newsletter. They want more

03) Get people to invest – meaning they want to become a part of what you have going on. So whether that is buying a product, donating to your cause, or spreading the word about what you do. They are invested in you.

If you don’t force yourself to the front, you’ll always be a part of the crowd. Don’t be afraid to market yourself in a way that makes you hard to ignore. At the end of the day, what are we all trying to achieve? We want to be seen! We’re trying to stand out. We want to show people what makes us different and unique so that when it’s time for our customers or clients to make a choice, they choose us.

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Moral of the story…

If you are in business and want to make money you need a brand that moves differently. Whether you are a teacher, a coach, a consultant, a designer, an author, lawyer, real estate agent or anything else…

If you want to make money…


I CHALLENGE YOU to Figure out how you want to BE DIFFERENT. What makes you special and how the hell you’re going to help people in a way that is unique and exclusive to you. What buying experience can you create that make people want to buy from you, and only you!

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