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Biz Ownher Challenge Day 2: Overcoming Lack of Support


I have yet to meet an entrepreneur who has not experienced disappointment due to the lack of support from those they expected to receive it from most. Yes, it sucks. Will you get over it? Absolutely.

Perhaps one of the greatest humps to get over when starting your business is feeling discouraged because you don’t feel supported. If there is one thing I could tell the old me, it would be not to waste my time being distracted by something I can not control. I spent more days than I’d like to admit allowing the actions of others to keep me from going full force in pursuit of achieving my goals. The thing is, you can spend time questioning and wondering why the closest people to you don’t support you, but that is an answer that you will likely never get and if you do, it probably still won’t make sense. As I mentioned earlier, entrepreneurship is not for the weak of heart or thin-skinned. You must learn not to take things personally even when it feels personal because, in business, you must know when to separate how you feel from what’s real. Truth is, the reason why those closest to you don’t support you has much more to do with them than it does to do with you. Whatever the reason, you do not have time to worry about it.

You will find that once you stop focusing so much on who isn’t supporting you, you will be able to see who is. I eventually realized that it didn’t matter where my support was coming from as long as I had it. If we’re going to keep it real, when you are trying to build a business, it really doesn’t matter if it’s your friends or strangers on the street who are purchasing your products and services. They can be white, black, yellow, or blue, you just need their money to be green so that you can continue to grow. You don’t need the whole world to like or believe in you, you just need the right ones too. It’s important to know that many people won’t believe in you until you have first proven that you believe in yourself. They want to know that you’re serious and committed before they invest in you. So, don’t focus on who isn’t supporting you. Pay attention to who is and value and nourish those relationships. Your success depends much more on what you do than what others do so work like no one is watching and be determined to win even when it’s just you believing in yourself.

Assignment: Make a list of your supporters and the various ways others have shown support for your endeavors (take time to show appreciation for these people). The purpose of this exercise is to get you in the habit of staying focused on the positives. 

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