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Biz Ownher Challenge Day 6: Do the Most with What You Have


Unfortunately, so many people don’t ever go after their dreams or give up prematurely because they tell themselves that they don’t have enough money, resources, time, or support. However, what they don’t know is that just putting forth the effort to use the money, resources, time, and support that they do have will open doors for them to receive more.

If you look around and look within, you’ll find that you have much more than you think you do. When you don’t have the money to create a tangible product, create a digital one that requires no overhead, and use the funds from that to invest in what you really want to do. When you don’t have the resources that you need to complete a project, barter with someone who does. When you don’t think that you have enough time to chase your dreams, perform an audit of your life, and evaluate how you’re spending your time daily and what you can cut out. When you don’t feel like you have enough support, support others, and see how much more support you attract. Within you is everything that you need to succeed. Do the most with what you have and you will get more.

5-Shelf Ladder Bookcase with Brass Metal Frame, 5-Tier, White/Gold

Assignment: Make a list of your assets (including those things you often overlook like your knowledge, talents, and ability to help others). Ask yourself how you can use those assets to grow your business.

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