The Business Plan Outline


Let’s start building your business plan!
The next few pages will cover the following sections.
Take your time in each section, answer the questions thoroughly and see your business forming. You may not be able to do all of these task in one day, so make sure to bookmark this page and come back to it.
Section One: Your Mission and Your Why
Section Two: Find Your Tribe: Who Is Your Dream Client
Section Three: What Will You Offer? Products/Services
Section Four: Who Is Your Competition?
Section Five: What Do You Need To Operate Your Business?
Section Six: The Blog Life
Section Seven: The Email List
Section Eight: Act Like A Business: The Systems and Processes
Section Nine: The Delegation


You’re on a mission to help or change something with your brand so let’s be clear about what that mission is.
Craft your mission statement. What is your brand’s purpose and how will you know that you are working in this purpose?
What’s your definition of success?
Where do you see your brand going in the next 3, 6, 12 months?
Where do you see it going 1, 3, 5 years from now?

What responsibilities do you have to your audience?
What are nonnegotiables for your business?

Find Your Tribe: Who Is Your Dream Client
Your ideal client is often a version of you in the past or possibly where you want to be in the future.  Describe your biggest struggles.
How does this relate to the solutions your brand offers?
Where will your ideal client be in 5 years?  How will this be tied to where you want your brand to grow?
If you had a conversation with your ideal client, what could you talk about for hours?

What problem makes you want to put on your Captain Save A Brand cape?
What makes you excited to make a difference?
List 3 questions that you can ask to qualify if someone would be a good ideal client and why this specific question.

What are three things that worry your ideal client? What keeps them up at night?
What makes your ideal client feel queen/king of the world?
What do they want to accomplish?
What doubts or reservations do they have about themselves?
What may hold them back from pursuing their dreams or growing their business?

Why are you the best person to help them? List 5 reasons they will turn to your business?

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What Will You Offer? Products/Services
This section is all about what you want to sell to your audience. With a clear mission and the clients you do/do not want to work with defined, your next step is to determine how you want to solve their problems.
This will fall into 3 main categories.
You make a product or stock a product that will meet their needs.
You provide a service that is going to meet their needs.
You create digital products that will solve their problems.
The pricing will vary at each level and you can have an offering from each section if you would like.
For example, if you are a fashion designer you can create custom clothes, consult with new designers, and have eBooks or courses that teach clients how to make their own products.
Ideally you want to have as many sources of income as possible that draw from your skills.
Products and services will be a little more limited than your digital products which will carry little overhead.

With all of the products in this section, keep in mind you do not have to offer everything at once. As your business shifts you may find that certain products or services no longer fit well for your audience or your mission for your brand so if you want to skip some pages for now that’s ok.
Digital products are my favorite and to me offer the greatest variety and allows me to help my clients on many different levels.
Here’s a look at my current offerings for an idea of how you can break your offerings into sections.
Physical Inventory ($45-$160 plus shipping) Physical Books ($15 plus shipping)
Digital Products Digital Planners- $19-$29 Masterclasses -$29-$99 Vendor List- $19-$79

What type of physical products will you offer? What will be the price? How much inventory will you carry?

What type of services will you offer? What will be the price? What hours will you work?

What type of digital products will you offer? What will be the price? What will be your written product? What will be your visual product? What will be your audio product?

Who Is Your Competition?
Who is your competition? This section of the plan will take a look at who you will be up against in the market. What other companies provide similar services, and how can you compete? Conduct research on your competition. Check out their websites, their social media, what do they offer to their customers?
How are your businesses similar and how are you different?
Remember questions are content so pay attention to what pain points they are addressing with their products.

What Do You Need To Operate Your Business?
Business expenses can vary from month to month. Some will be annual and some will be monthly expenses.
Use this section to project what your business will need now and as it grows.

The Blog Life
Do you need to start a blog for your online business?
In one word. YES!
Blogging gives you an opportunity to showcase the many ways you are an expert in your field. Provides more reasons for your audience to visit your website when they may not necessarily be in a mood to buy a product.
It helps to build trust and will do a good deal of your marketing. Blogs provide evergreen content and can be easy ways to create ongoing sales funnels.
Your blog will be a great asset to your business, but only if you use it on a consistent basis.
One of the biggest mistakes new brands make when starting a blog is blogging inconsistently. A blog is a tool just like any other in your business and will only serve you if used correctly.
Use this section to outline your blog content.

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The Email List 

Welcome to section 7!
The email list has become one of my favorite parts of building my online business.
Email marketing can be extremely profitable, when done right.
You don’t need to have a huge list and blast them with offers several times per day to make a decent living writing and sending emails.
Email marketing is and will continue to be one of the most effective evergreen income strategies out there.
Find an audience with a need, grow your list, build a relationship with your readers, and then make them offers for things they need.
That right there is one of the big secrets to online success.
I email just about every day and while that may seem excessive, there are different parts of my audience that I interact with on a daily basis and my emails are how I build the relationships.

Start by determining where you are now.
Do you have a list in place?
Who’s your email list provider?
How many subscribers do you have?
What’s your goal for your subscribers?
How is your relationship with your readers? Are they actually opening your emails and buying from you?
Have you been emailing them regularly?
Do they know, like, and trust you?

Do you have a freebie as an incentive for your list?
If not, what is something you can create that will make people want to join your list?
How often do you plan to send emails?
How will you drive traffic for your email list?

Act Like A Business: The Systems and Processes
What do you plan to do on a day to day basis for your business? Emails? Content Creation? Marketing? Social Media? Client Work or Consults? Promotions?
It’s easy to get caught up in what may seem to be productive work but in the end it’s just “busy” work which means the time passes but in the end not much is accomplished.
Prioritizing your business and deciding what you will do on a day to day basis will help you to stay on track and plan for growth.

Write Out What Would Be Your Ideal Productive Day From Start to Finish. How many hours do you want to work each day? How will you structure your day?

The Delegation We’re almost done!!! Welcome to the final section and this is my favorite part.
So after completing the last 8 sections, I’m sure you realize just how much goes into running your online business.
So who wouldn’t want to determine where they can get some help or even assign their least liked tasks to someone else.
Delegation is a time and sanity saver.
As much as we would like we can not and SHOULD not do everything alone in our businesses.
So use this section to determine what are are your 3 least liked or weakest areas and come up with three ways to delegate them to either a system or possibly a virtual assistant.

You made it!!
You are now the proud owner of one amazing business plan.
Keep in mind this is just a plan though, you still won’t see success if you don’t implement the plans you have outlined.
Don’t feel as if your business plan is set in concrete either.
Business fluctuates and things can change often so as you are working if something doesn’t fit, analyze and update your plan.
Track what does and what doesn’t work and stay focused!

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