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Are you making Broke Ass Decisions?


What is a Broke-Ass Decision aka B.A.D.?

It’s when you make a decision that:

– Steals your time and energy.

– It makes you feel weak, insecure and trapped.

– Eliminates options rather than creating them. 

Basically, it’s any decision that leaves you feeling broke: emotionally broke, financially broke, or both.

Let me give you a few examples:

– You are excessively generous with your boyfriend/girlfriend/cousin/whomever. You give them tons of your time, energy, and skills, and help them build their dream business while neglecting your own career. They prosper while your income plateaus. That’s B.A.D.

– You do 90% of the household chores even though you and your partner both work full-time. Somehow you’ve become the maid, chef, dishwasher, laundress, dog trainer, therapist, etc. You allow this to happen. You act like it’s fine when it’s definitely not. B.A.D.

– You allow your kids (or your phone!) to interrupt you 57 times a day. Constant distractions. You’re never able to bring your full attention to your work, which means everything takes way longer than it should. A project that ought to take 30 minutes takes all day to complete. You’re constantly scrambling for time and money. Very B.A.D.

If you’re not a millionaire yet, this is because you are making Broke-Ass Decisions and engaging in Broke-Ass Behavior. 

You’re giving away your power. Giving away your time, attention, energy, skills, and personal space. Undercharging. Overextending. Settling for crumbs.

Broke-Ass Decisions keep you broke.

Which decisions are you gonna make today?

. . .

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