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How do you make a plan to get all the money you want?

I’m about to tell you.

First off, make a list of all the things you desire and how much they cost.

The clarity around this is priceless. You may be surprised at how little something may cost compared to what you’ve been estimating in your head.

From here, you can work backward to come up with a sales goal.

Next, figure out all the combinations of packages you can sell to hit your goal.

Then, come up with a plan to sell your packages. Decide if you’re doing sales calls, using social media, talking to previous clients, or doing ALL THE THINGS!

And finally, light your plan on fire.

I know what you’re thinking: “ WHAT?! You just told me to make a comprehensive plan! Now you want me to throw it away?”


Bloom Daily Planning System Tear Off to-Do Pad – Undated Checklist Notepad Organizer with Perforated Sheets – 6″ x 9″ – Abstract

Well, you don’t actually throw it away, but you do detach from it. You can (and should) absolutely take action on your plan. Do the outreach, create the content, believe that this is going to happen NO matter what, AND be open to getting the money in some other way.

I call this INTENTIONAL Marketing it’s the first step to creating RADICAL Results.

Yes Intentional marketing is KEY.   I’ve had so many clients who make a sales goal, come up with a launch plan, do all the things, and the launch doesn’t go as planned but then they get three random clients through another way. Boom! The sales goal is hit.

The Universe works in mysterious ways. Our plans don’t always work out, but the big U always has our backs. Make sure you stay open to that.

Go grab some big writing pads. Write out MANY ways to get to your goal so that you can see the HOW, but then let it go.

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