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Setting New Money Standards and Beliefs for Your Business

ASSIGNMENT: Setting New Standards and Beliefs

What can you do today to take your life to the next level? What new Beliefs and
Standards for yourself must you adopt, what new Actions must you take today, what
Results do you now expect for yourself and your life.

  1. Write down three negative beliefs that you must get rid of about yourself, or your business. You have to be aware of your current negative beliefs that are holding you back. Examples: Money is the root of all evil. Money doesn’t grow on trees. Money can’t solve your problems. I don’t have enough time or money, or I’m too young or too old, or not educated enough.
  2. Write down three new positive beliefs you must adopt about yourself, or your
    business. You need new positive beliefs to gain the confidence and expectation for success to move forward. Examples: I am young enough to start again. I can always get another job or start over. The worst thing that could happen is that I have made incredible contacts and received a lot of business experience. People have a whole different level of respect for me now. I definitely am more employable and should command a higher salary. I now know what to do differently next time.
  3. Write down three new results/goals you are absolutely committed to achieving in
    business and life you have always dreamed of. Expecting results and setting goals is critical for turning dreams into reality.
  4. Write down three new actions you will do today to get on the journey of
    achieving your new results. Nothing happens until some form of action is taken.
    Get in the habit of taking new actions and gaining momentum each day.
  5. Write down in a few sentences the new high standard you will hold yourself to
    for success. Examples: My new non-negotiable standards for success and how I expect to live my life each day are the following: I see opportunity when others see impossibility. I take risks, I’m focused, and I hustle. I know that nothing is unrealistic. I feel overwhelming passion and excitement for life. I embrace my childlike wonder and curiosity. I take flying leaps into the unknown. I contribute to something bigger than myself. I create, I learn, I grow, I do. I believe it’s never too late to start living a
    dream. I am Wise, I am Wild, and I am Free. I am an entrepreneur.

ASSIGNMENT: Determine your Personal WHY

Entrepreneurs turn their dream into a vision. If you have a big enough reason to do
something, you can figure out how to do it. Reasons come first, and answers come
second. What makes a business work is the “why” – it gives you the fuel to persevere
through all the ups and downs you will inevitably experience over the years. Any business
can work as long as the person or the people behind it have passion and intensity and as
long as they can be flexible enough to adjust when necessary. What is your reason why
to start a business?

ASSIGNMENT: What are you Passionate About?

Below are a few key questions to help you determine if you are in the right business.

  1. What do you have passion in or would like to focus on, enjoy and become best at?
  2. What would you do if nobody paid you for it?
  3. What are the things you talk about, research and read about?


Colonel Sanders did not begin to fulfill his dream until he was 65 years old. What drove him to take action? He was broke and alone. He got his first social security check for $105 and he got mad. But instead of blaming society he started asking himself “What could I do that would be valuable for other people?”

Many people have great ideas. But Colonel Sanders was different. He was a man that did not
just think of great things to do, he put them into action. He went and started knocking on
doors, telling each restaurant owner his story. Well, many people laughed in his face. They
said, “Look old man get out of here, and by the way, what are you wearing that stupid white
suit for?”
How many times do you think Colonel Sanders heard NO before getting the answer he wanted? He was refused 1,009 times before his first YES. He spent two years driving across America in his old beat up car, sleeping in the back seat in his rumpled white suit, getting up each day to share his idea with someone new. Often the only food he had was a quick bite of the samples he was preparing for prospective buyers.

ASSIGNMENT: How do you React to Failure?

Provide Examples Of A Time When You Quit and When you Kept TRYING!

  1. Write down one key example of when you tried something and it didn’t work out so
    you refused to try again. Provide the reason why you did not try again.
  2. Write down 2 examples of when you tried something and it didn’t work out, but you
    refused to quit. Provide the reason why you kept trying until you succeeded.

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