The 6-Figure Blueprint

“Are You Ready to Build a 6-figure business in 2021. . . ?”

What IS holding you back from online success, from being able to hit that elusive $100k in one year goal?

Perhaps you have been working hard, trying to create a product, or maybe you even created a product, but you don’t know how to sell it.

Or maybe you have been working feverishly to build a list…but you don’t know what to sell your list (and you know that if you don’t sell anything, you aren’t going to hit $100k, right)?

Or maybe you have a couple of products, but now it is getting really confusing figuring out who needs what, who has already bought product 1, how to write your autoresponder emails so they promote both products, but don’t overdo it.

And those sound like simple problems…but you and I both know any one of them can kill your business, and make it seem like you are just wasting your time and your money online, right?

I mean, for all the work you have put in online,you should be making more money, right?

I think you should be!

And my guess is that one of the problems I mentioned above is what’s holding you back.

And the thing is, that’s alot like what held me back online when I first got started.

You see, I think I’m a bit of a smart cookie. Went to school, wrote the papers, got the degrees, had great experience in the corporate world, built several companies from scratch…

I fell flat on my face.

I wrote an ebook just like they say.

I had a website made just like they say.

I drove traffic just like they say.

I made a few sales (yippee!)

But that’s it.

Just a few sales.

And you can’t feed a family on a few sales.

Sorry. Nope. Grocery store won’t take ebooks for payments.

So I tried another angle.

Bought traffic and sent it to affiliate links.

(you know, like traffic flipping)

It worked. Barely. For every $100 in traffic I bought…I did about..$100 in sales.

Now, I don’t know about you, but when I subtract $100 in costs from $100 in revenue…I get $0!

And I can’t live on…$0!!!


I was DETERMINED to make it online.


Just like you are.

So I began buying materials to teach me what to do and how to do it.

$97 here. $77 there. $197 somewhere else.

And none of them taught me everything I needed to know.

I studied them and was still stuck.

Ever feel that way?

I did.

Then I discovered a HUGE secret.

This is the ONE thing the gurus just don’t want you to know.

Because they don’t want everyone doing it.

But I am willing to show you.

First of all – why?

Because I am sick and tired of seeing you stumble around in the dark, trying to figure it out, and literally failing every time.

Because it just isn’t fair for you to continue losing money online…when I have the answer.

And I do.

And I have the proof.

Because I have personally used this answer for the last 4 years.

Ok – here it is.

And before I give it to you – let me warn you .

This is going to sound REALLY simple.

Like – why didn’t I think of that?

Or like – well that’s what I’m already doing (it’s not)

And there are alot of details that frankly if you don’t get them right….my system won’t work.

Ok – here it is:

Create products people want to buy and sell those products to them sequentially using an autoresponder to automatically sell them the first product when they come onto your list, then sell them the 2nd product as soon as they buy the 1st one, then sell them the 3rd product as soon as they buy the 2nd one…and so on.

Did you know that I have over 95 emails in my basic campaign, not counting all the emails I have in my buyer campaigns and my buyers lists, plus the emails I mail each day for additional revenue?

How many emails do you have in your autoresponder?

Are they sequentially ordered in exactly the right order to get people to buy as quickly as possible after they come on your list?

Once someone buys the first product, are they automatically placed into another sales campaign that automatically begins sending them an email sequence to build a deeper relationship and start selling the 2nd, 3rd, and 4th products?

Do you have at least 5 products you can sell sequentially?

Look, if you are missing just ONE of the above steps, you are LEAVING MONEY ON THE TABLE!

The bottom line is, if you don’t have multiple products in your campaign, and you aren’t automatically sequentially selling those products…you are losing money every single day your system is not correct.

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