Self Improvement

Become a magnet for ABUNDANCE Day 1

Day 1:

1. I want you to do a visualisation to connect to your bigger vision. Remember if you can see it in your mind you CAN create it in your reality. Often through conditioning (most of what we believe is formed between 0 -7 years of age) and patterns our subconscious beliefs aren’t in alignment with the bigger vision and our conscious beliefs. What we manifest is determined by our subconscious thoughts and beliefs. Today is all about recognising and releasing limiting beliefs so that you can manifest whatever you desire in alignment with the higher good.

Write out your bigger vision using “I am…”

I am….. (ie. I am a multi millionaire, impacting millions and giving back freely. It is who I am)

At the end of the page write: “Anything I write always comes true”)

2. Write out any beliefs or thoughts you hold that are NOT in alignment with your bigger vision

3. Write out your NEW beliefs, thoughts, energy + spiritually aligned actions if you were showing up as the version of you that has already created your bigger vision. Go through each limiting belief …

ie. Clients reach out to me daily and can’t wait to work with me
I am a money magnet
The more fun I have the more money I make

Allow yourself to feel into what is true for YOU.

4. Go back to your limiting beliefs and write out anything you are angry about, resentful for or need to release. Don’t hold back get it all out.

When you feel like everything is out, burn the page, let it go up in smoke and release.

Free yourself from guilt and resentment. It is powerful. Resentment blocks abundance.

“I’m sorry, please forgive me, thank you, I love you” [Repeat this mantra as many times as you need]

5. Go back to your new beliefs – how do those now feel? Say them out loud and connect with them.

Anything is possible. You get to create your reality.

When you’re done, make sure to post your breakthroughs in the group Boss Babes

Make sure you come back tomorrow for your next challenge.

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