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Become a magnet for ABUNDANCE Day 2

I’ve been reflecting on this year a lot during my walks with my dog. Fall is my favorite time of year. I feel festive and reflective and full of nostalgia recalling holidays past (especially remembering holidays as a kid).

Does Fall make you feel reflective, too? That’s a great thing – especially as we head into a new DECADE! 

Do you want to be really intentional about 2021? Me too.  

Here are 2 awesome ways to get focused on your own path, fast.

1. Ask around (and check in with the past).

A client of mine was cleaning out her apartment with her best friend and was delighted to find her old art books in the back of her closet. She was fingering through them and marveled at how good her old stuff was. Her best friend said, “Tammy, you have to create again!”

Tammy’s a nurse and hasn’t created art for years. It doesn’t mean she has to give up her career. She can just make a little time each month for something meaningful to her. It can be a hobby, a relaxation exercise—heck, even a side hustle!

What might your best friend say you need to reconnect with?

Ask your friends and family if you see them this month: What did I always want to do with my life? What were my goals? What did I use to talk about? Their feedback will connect you to years of your desires.

It’s easy to forget what used to really matter to us. 

2. Write down your perfect day.

One of the most powerful life exercises I teach is to spend 20 minutes writing out what a perfect day in your life looks like. If you had to live a single day over and over again and be perfectly happy with it, what would happen that day? Go from waking up to falling asleep—even include times, if that helps!

And write it in the first person, starting with “I live in…”

Consider these questions:

Where do you live? Near the beach, the mountains, a city?

What does your home look like?

What time do you wake up?

What do you do in the morning?

What work do you do?

How much do you work?

Who lives with you (if anyone)?

Who are your friends?

What’s for lunch? Do you eat with anyone?

What do you do for family time?

How do you spend the afternoon?

What do you do in the evening?

What time do you go to bed?

This is a deeply enlightening exercise. First of all, it’s singular: It’s only you who gets to decide your perfect day.

And secondly, it’s free of expectations. It’s all about what you want. It’s incredible how many “old dreams” show up when you do this.

Do you want to wake up at 6:30 a.m. every day to get to Starbucks, show up to your ad agency job by 8:30 a.m., followed by client drinks at a bar before going back to your one-bedroom apartment in Chicago to watch The Crown with your boyfriend? If so, great!

But what if your dream day is waking up without an alarm in the woods, working online for a few hours, and having a generally more quiet, outdoorsy life with two dogs?

It doesn’t mean you need to make a drastic change right now. It just means you should observe your desires. They exist for a reason.

Pay attention. See how in alignment your life today is with your perfect-day life. Remember, it’s your perfect day. Not what your parents, friends, or colleagues think your perfect day should be. How much are you living it? Remember, life doesn’t begin later. It’s happening right now!

And think… what small part of your perfect day can you invite into your world right now? Maybe you can’t move to the woods – but you can plan a nice rural weekend away? You might have a really busy, active life. But if more calm is what came up on your perfect day, can you spend one entire Sunday coming up with no plans or errands at all so that you can just be.

Until tomorrow……

Sidenote: Forward this to a friend who could also use a little end of year inspo!

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