Self Improvement

Become a magnet for Abundance Day 3

Living an abundant lifestyle should be a goal of everyone. It’s what can truly establish happiness and ensure that you are on the right path in life.

It tells you that you’re prosperous. It helps you avoid pain, suffering and general struggle. There are plenty of people who are prosperous but who don’t live in abundance. By contrast, there are many more people who live abundantly but who are not necessarily prosperous.

What does the average person today need to live “abundantly”?

I think that you need harmony and balance in every area of your life—from philanthropy to physical rewards to free time to having a spiritual connection to loving the body that God gave you. It’s not always about finances.

There are plenty of people who have the life they want—yet they wouldn’t be considered “rich” by the rest of society. The sooner you understand this, the easier it will be to live an abundant lifestyle – and be truly happy.

Ask Yourself: Are You Happy Where You’re At?

Stop and ask yourself this important question from time to time: Are you happy where you’re at?

Are you happy at work? Happy at home? Happy a church? Happy in society? What about other areas of your life?

If you’re not currently happy in these areas, some changes are in order. Notice that the question didn’t ask whether you are happy with your finances. It doesn’t matter how much you’re making. You can be happy making any amount of money, as long as you’re happy in other areas of your life. Are you in a good marriage? Are you surrounded by people who love you? Do you enjoy going to work every day? If you aren’t at peace with your decisions throughout life, this is where change need to be made.

If You Aren’t Happy, Here’s Another Question: What is Needed to Make a Transformation?

What’s needed to begin living abundantly? What do you need to do in order to make a transformation to the abundant lifestyle you want? It’s not as easy as simply going out and buying something in order to make it all perfect. It requires a journey in order for you to transform your way of thinking, your activities, your community, your body, your health, your stamina, agility, peace of mind, and other manifestations of an abundant life.

Making a transformation requires that certain goals be set, pursued, and achieved. Additionally, there are ways to fast track your goals through daily affirmations—and just this addition to your day can have a significant impact on your life. Write down all the goals you want to meet. (This includes establishing smaller targets so you can hit your bigger goals without becoming frustrated in the process). You can live life in abundance, but it may take some time plus changes in the way you think.

You have plenty to think about so I’ll leave you to it…….

See you tomorrow

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