Is perfectionism controlling you?

There was a time I let perfectionism control me. Ugh, I let it keep me afraid. That is the nasty P word we let keep us from success.

Afraid to talk to people, afraid to get on video, afraid to sell, afraid to do live video, afraid to put myself out there, afraid of saying ‘umm’ too much, afraid of messing up and what would people think of me, I was even afraid of getting on a zoom call because couldn’t people see all my flaws if they saw me one-on-one video?

It wasn’t easy to break through, I’m still a recovering perfectionist, but here’s what I learned and I hope it helps you.

No one is perfect.Perfectionism is a form of procrastination.Your audience will never relate to an always perfect, polished, highly edited version of you. Being relatable is an important part of being visible.It’s hard to get vulnerable if you are worried about being perfect. Your audience gets to see the vulnerable side of you to build the relationship with you.My audience tells me over and over they relate to the imperfect me (how many people would I miss out on if I tried to be perfect??)

I’ve never done a perfect live video or video for that matter and I am okay with that, that’s not what it’s about. I’m teaching others to put themselves out there and get over that fear and they love knowing I can relate to their fears.If someone doesn’t like the way I show up, they can unfollow and they aren’t my person and that’s okay, we cannot please everyone, I’m also not everyone’s cup of tea, I’d prefer to be their shot of tequila instead!My imperfect creations do better than the things I try to make perfect. For example my ugliest landing page has converted at 72% for 12 months. Don’t fix what you think is ugly but is working.Done is always better than perfect. Progress not perfection.

I’m not sure exactly what’s holding you back, but I’m always here to support you and talk you through it. The stress we allow perfectionism to put on us is never fun and I don’t want that for you. Take a deep breath friend, you can and will push through this, because I believe in you.

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