How To Dye Hair At Home-Part 1-Know Your Hair & Products

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We all get bored of the same hair and when it’s time for a change, you either have to splash your cash on overpriced hairdressers for it to be perfect for a couple of weeks, or do it yourself with the big risk of something going wrong.

If you need a change and don’t want your wallet to suffer, have a read of our article for the best way to accomplish a successful hair dying process at home.

Know Your Hair

Many factors can have an impact on the final result of your DIY dye job, and for this reason, it is vital to know your hair before splashing the chemicals straight onto your head.

If you already have damaged hair, take this into consideration and look into the best products to minimize the damage to your hair as much as possible.

Here are examples of products that can help you minimize and prevent hair damage:

  1. Hair masks
  2. Oils like coconut or Argan oil
  3. Bond Building Treatments

Your Hair Color

If you have darker hair, you are more than likely going to have to lighten your hair before adding color to see the results you hope for.

This is because when you have darker hair, you have more pigments on the color wheel than those with lighter hair.

For example, if you have black hair, that means you have all of the pigments on the color wheel in comparison to those with light blonde hair, which only have yellow pigment.

Your Hair Type

Even the thickness of your hair can change the end result of your dye job!

Fine hair doesn’t have as much hair cuticle to go through compared to thick hair, making it easier and faster to achieve a blonde finish.

The thickness of your hair can also actually stop you from getting the lightest finish compared to someone with fine hair, as the bleach has so many hair cuticles to go through.

Know Your Product

Once you know your hair, you then need to find the best products for it.

Depending on what you want to do with your hair, whether it be bleach or just add color, you need to know the product in order to prevent damage and get a better end result.


You need to be very cautious before bleaching as bleach contains very harsh chemicals, like Hydrogen Peroxide which can easily strip the natural pigments off of your hair.

When bleaching, you need to make sure that each strand of hair is well-covered, at once, as that will help you avoid patches.

Because bleach is an aggressive chemical, you need to make sure you don’t leave it on for longer than the recommended time per the instructions, as your hair will significantly suffer!

Bleach will NOT make your hair white or platinum blonde, it will take you to the lightest pigment of the color wheel, which is yellow – This is where you have to stop.

Once you reach this point, get yourself a toner to achieve the blonde you want – or if you are wanting a crazy color after bleaching, get it girl!

Remember, if you use bleach, you will damage your hair, so overusing this product can very likely lead to your hair snapping off, so use with caution!

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Color dyes & Volumes

Color dyes do not have Hydrogen Peroxide which bleach has, instead they are used with volumes that have a scale, from level 10 to level 40.

All of these volumes are used for different purposes, so it’s vital to know what volume you need to get the hair color you want!

10 Volume

10 volume is commonly used for permanent color dyes and does not lighten the hair, it only adds pigments into the cortex of your hair with the same lightness level you already have.

20 Volume

20 volume tends to be used the most often for permanent color and also lifts your hair levels 1-2 shades lighter. 

This is good to use for grey coverage and will give you a longer lasting color finish.

30 Volume

30 Volume works similar to 20 volume, however lightens the hair by 2-3 levels, so is better used when you are wanting to lighten your hair.

This is quite a strong volume on the hair, so be extra cautious when using this volume.

40 Volume

40 Volume tends to be with lightening hair dyes as it can lift your hair up to 8 levels lighter.

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This works well if you have natural hair and you want to lighten without using bleach.

This will not however give a drastic change, therefore if you want to go fully blonde from brown you will get a better result from bleaching!

If you already have colored hair, this would not be a suitable option as this will not lift color – you would have to remove the previous color beforehand.

This is the strongest volume so be cautious of using this as it can cause further, unnecessary damage to your hair.


Before you jump into the process of dying your hair, you have to first understand your type of hair, how it responds to certain treatments and how much of the products it will need.

In part two of this article series, we’re going to take you through the whole process of your DIY dye job, so make sure not to miss that!

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