7 Steps to creating an E-book PT. 2

The Tech- How To Write Your eBook

Now that you have an outline for your book, the next step is to break out your laptop and start writing your book.

There are 3 simple ways to write your eBook.

#1- Canva

You can use the U.S. Letter format in Canva to write your book and easily add graphics. 

A few notes about using Canva:

#1- You will only be able to write up to 30 pages in Canva,so if your book is longer than 30 pages you will need to make a copy of it and continue 30 pages at a time until you’re done.

Once you have completed all sections, you can use a site such as to merge all of the sections together into one PDF.

#2- Canva does not automatically number pages so you will need to remember to add a text block at the bottom of your pages and check your page count when you are finished.

#2- Google Docs

Google Docs is a simple word processing document, so you can use it in the same way you would any other processor. It does have the ability to add page numbers automatically, hyperlinks in your document, and once you have completed your book you will download as a PDF to have a file that you can sell.

#3- Apple Pages

Pages is pretty similar to Google Docs, and it comes standard on most Apple products so it’s built in to your device. 

On all three once you have written your eBook, you will need to download as a PDF file to have a sellable document. 

Stock Graphics for your cover and book:

Fonts For Your Book:

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How To Deliver Your eBook

You can deliver your eBook directly through your own website if you use Shopify, Squarespace or WordPress.

Shopify uses Digital Downloads.  You can create your new product, connect the Digital Downloads, upload your file to Shopify and when a customer buys they will receive an automatic download.

Shopify has a 3 download limit so make note of that for your clients.

Squarespace uses Digital Products that you can add as a page on your site and then as a product. Once you create a new digital product you will upload your PDF file and when your customer purchases the ebook they will receive an automatic email with the download link as well as a page that appears after purchase.

Squarespace has a 24 hour download limit.

A few sites that you can use as standalone stores:







With these options you don’t have to have a website to sell your products. All of your content would be housed in the dashboard or products on these sites and you will receive a unique url each time you create a new product.

Presell, Launch, Post-Launch and Evergreen/ Passive

Phase 1

Preselling begins when you start validating your idea for your eBook. 

Start a dedicated mailing list for those who would be interested in your completed eBook.

You can use a standard mailing list optin page or create a preorder sales page.

On this page you can share a mock-up of your eBook, the outline of the eBook as bullet points, the release date and a preorder buy button.

To easily deliver your preorders I recommend creating a second landing page after someone purchases the preorder that will allow them to opt into a second email list that you will be able to access easily when it’s time to deliver your preorders.

During your presell phase you can offer a discounted price or bonuses for those who order early. 

Set a goal for your presell so that you will be able to gauge if your book will be able to build momentum over time.

For example if your book will be priced at $29, you may want to offer a presell for 7 days before the book releases for $19 and you may set a goal to sell 50 books. This would become your benchmark to determine if your book will be profitable or what you may need to tweak to make it profitable.

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Phase 2- The Launch

Your launch will help you lay the foundation for your book long term. During this phase I recommend creating a printed copy of your book that you can use for marketing. 

You can have your PDF printed at Office Depot, Office Max, or Staples or use sites such as or to create digital mockups as well and share pages from the eBook. 

You want to help your audience see themselves with your product even if you’re selling a digital version, so share the printed copy during live broadcasts, take photos with you holding the book, or flipping through the pages.

Your launch phase can consist of:

Instagram Posts

Live Webinars

Facebook/Instagram/Youtube Live



Blog Posts 

Phase 3-

Post Launch/Passive Income

This phase is my favorite because you’ve done all of the ground work, so your next steps are to continue to market your eBook and collect your coins.

You’ll use the same steps in the Launch phase and create a marketing calendar so that you are able create consistent income.

List 10 ways you can market or share information about your eBook.

You’re An eBook Author!!! Woohoo!

You’ve done the work to write your first eBook, so take some time to review.

What went well while writing this eBook?

What do you want to change when you write your next book?

What’s your next topic?

I’d love to hear about your book and share your finished product so feel free to tag me on social media with #bizownhers

Happy writing!

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