How To Know Your Idea Will Sell

If there is one thing we hear more than anything else, it’s “How do I know if my idea will sell?”

We all want a crystal ball, especially because it’s a lot of work, effort, and money to build something that may just get dusty on a shelf somewhere.

Imagine how the Disney Imagineers felt when they were brainstorming the new Stars Wars Land. Would it increase ticket sales? For them, they weren’t just investing a couple months and a couple thousand dollars. It’s MILLIONS of dollars and YEARS of time.

It puts it in perspective a bit for us online business owners huh? We have an infinitely easier business model than Disney! And lucky for us, there IS a way to validate your idea before you build a big giant course.

So here’s our validation framework. Use this for any upcoming course, product, group program, etc.

✅ Follow the five key points of irresistibility in offer creation. The offer must be:

  1. Specific
  2. Tangible
  3. Repelling
  4. Proprietary
  5. Aspirational

✅ Start with the 300 clicks rule. This means you get 300 clicks TO A SALES PAGE. This can be with ads or organic traffic. From there, you want to see between 1%-5% of people to buy. We’re talking 3-15 sales with 300 clicks.

✅ Use a funnel that is easy to PIVOT. If you’ve built out a huge long sales page, paid a couple grand to get it written and designed, having to go back to the drawing board with a new offer means redesigning an entire page. So use a simple 1-live-offer-at-a-time funnel like a paid workshop funnel.

The bad news is, there’s no risk free, zero money way to truly validate an offer. Anything that you want to earn money with, will cost money to make. When people ask us how to validate an offer before spending any money, we shake our heads. That’s not how validation works.

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The good news is, there’s a low risk, affordable way to build a validation framework inside your company so that you can run all your new offer ideas through. It is the low ticket paid workshop funnel.

  • Live workshop
  • 1-3 hours in length
  • $10-$50 to attend
  • 300 clicks to the page
  • 3-15 people buy and watch
  • Offer validated
  • Flexible funnel and delivery mechanism to change on the go

At that point, you can take that topic idea and key result and decide…

  • Keep it
  • Turn it into a course or eBooks
  • Wrap it into a membership
  • Or Launch a group program

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