5 Secrets to 6 Figure Success

It’s important for you to know that every word that I’m about to share with you can literally change your life. 

I went from being a single mom on public assistance to earning 6 figures consistently because I’ve done what I’m about to share with you, and you can do it too!

Here are My 5 Secrets to 6 Figure Success:


Pay attention to your dreams, visions, gifts, talents, and skills. 

Every endeavor that has been successful was because I pay attention to the things that I do well and nurture them. When you know what you have to offer, you can easily identify open doors, opportunities, and gateways that have been placed before you. 


Plan for your success. Write down your vision, ideas, and plans so that when it’s time, you aren’t fumbling around trying to figure out what to do. 

Write your business plan.

Take those training courses.

Get your certification.

Practice your craft.

Prepare your business for grants and investors.

Offer your expertise. GET HELP.

Prepare yourself so that you are not so surprised that you miss out on amazing opportunities to accelerate your life.


Whether you are offering products and services or starting a nonprofit organization, you MUST know who will benefit from your endeavors. 

This will guide you in your planning, marketing, communications, and success. 


If your plan doesn’t work out the first time, tweak it and try it again. Get another perspective. Change it and try something totally different. BUT DON”T YOU GIVE UP! 


I seize manifestation moments every day, so I’m always aligned.  When you see a manifestation moment, maximize it. 

For example, if your financial goals haven’t been met this year, then you are in a perfect time to make more money! you can top your sales for the year and maximize on the biggest shopping days of the year. 

Use what I’ve been giving you to create an amazing offer for your audience, or grab my Sales Queen Masterclass and find out how to build your audience, create your products and services, and SELL, SELL, SELL for maximum profits!

These strategies and principles are proven and will work for you, just like they worked for me. 

All you have to do is implement them and trust the process. 

You’ve got this!!!

“I turn your creativity into currency and your brilliance into a money-making business.”

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