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Biz Ownher Challenge Day 1: What is Your “Why”?

If money is your only motivation for starting your business, you might be in the wrong business. I say that because on average, it takes a start-up company 2-3 years to make a profit. If you don’t have a purpose for why you’re doing what you’re doing (other than money), you likely won’t stick to… Continue reading Biz Ownher Challenge Day 1: What is Your “Why”?

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Valentine’s Day Gift Guide 2020

Valentine’s Day Favorites For Moms, Dads & Kids Valentine’s Day is coming up soon! Other than Christmas, it is my favorite holiday, probably because it’s a love day and I'm a total sucker for love! Don’t you just love (no pun intended!) the colors red and pink...... Wishing you an abundance of sacred LOVE, divine HAPPINESS, juicy… Continue reading Valentine’s Day Gift Guide 2020


Master Wholesale List

FASHION WHOLESALERS MASTER LIST FOR BOUTIQUE OWNERS – INSTANT PDF DOWNLOAD ARE YOU LOOKING FOR WHOLESALE CLOTHING FOR YOUR BOUTIQUE OR ONLINE SHOP? We’ve got you covered. The Boutique Wholesaler Masterlist features 100+ verified boutique wholesale clothing sources trusted by reputable store owners. The directory is compiled of the best wholesale websites not available to… Continue reading Master Wholesale List