The Ultimate PR List For Bloggers (1)

The Ultimate PR List For Bloggers

Are you a blogger? Would you like to get connected with hundreds of name brands and get more paid projects?

How about more free products for review, get on all-expenses-paid travel and get paid to write about it, receive comped hotel accommodations,  and eat delicious meals at lavish restaurants for free? Or what about invites to attend events and concerts as a VIP and rub elbows with athletes and celebrities?

My friends…the secret is in the list. And I’m not talking about your email list but the PR list or influencer database that your information is on.

Whether you’ve been blogging for a while and you just want to work on more paid projects to increase your blogging income or you’ve just started blogging, The Ultimate List is for you!

What you are getting from The Ultimate List:
500  influencer / blogger networks
200 PR firms and digital marketing agencies
60 advertising networks
50 affiliate networks

Listen, my blogger friends. You can’t put all your eggs in one basket. The more list or database your information is in, the more chances you have in getting more paid opportunities!

And that’s exactly my goal with this list. Not every blogger is willing to share this type of information!

As a bonus: If you purchase this list TODAY ONLY, the list that you will get will contain 200+ hotel contacts for the Top US Popular Destinations!

This list is actually apart of my upcoming blogging course that will cost $297 for the full course. Once I release it, this list won’t be available anymore as a stand-alone and the only way you can get it is to buy the whole course. This is a PDF file that is well-designed and easy to use!

So get it today for only $48 and get on more influencer networks, PR firms and digital marketing companies. The link is below. Once you complete the payment, you will automatically receive a download link.

Happy blogging!

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We’ve got you covered.

The Boutique Wholesaler Masterlist features 100+ verified boutique wholesale clothing sources trusted by reputable store owners.

The directory is compiled of the best wholesale websites not available to the public.

Proof of business license will be required for some vendors to fully access the exclusively wholesale websites.

Avoid the “wholesalers” selling products at retail prices.

Don’t get stuck with wholesale clothing suppliers who have long shipping times and order mix-ups.

Avoid those awful clothing wholesalers with product photos that don’t match their clothes.

Don’t order from those poor-quality clothing wholesalers showing up in Google results.

Avoid dealing with poor customer service and lack of communication.

You don’t have to spend money to travel the country and visit Fashion trade shows to find reputable Clothing wholesalers
we’ve done the work for you and compiled an awesome list of over 100 wholesale Fashion sources.

The Boutique Wholesaler Master list is a 25-page resource for wholesale clothing for women, wholesale accessories and jewelry, wholesale marketplaces, wholesale plus size clothing and wholesale children’s apparel.

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Businesses that built themselves up and made a name for themselves in their industries are celebrating all over the country.

So, what better way for aspiring entrepreneurs to get inspired and use this energy to work on their own businesses? All the fear and doubt that’s held you back all these years are going out the window this week. Look around at some of your favorite entrepreneurs (myself included!). Step out on faith like they did and follow your dreams. How? I’m going to help! I said in the past I’d never do another package again but this opportunity to provide entrepreneurs with the ultimate starter business kit is too good to miss!

This Limited Edition Set includes:

A step by step guide to starting your business E-book
The Ultimate Fashion vendor list with over 100 vendors
The Hair, Cosmetics, Haircare, Fashion, & Packaging vendor list
How to set up your website
Direct contact information for sample orders
Bomb Marketing Tactics for More Customers & Clients in 2019
and more!

This set has everything, all of my basic principles, explained in full detail that got me from a broke aspiring entrepreneur to a successful business owner! & Now it’s your turn.

Get Yours! Good luck!

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The Ultimate PR List

One of the first things you need to do to gain great media coverage is to obtain a media list.
A media list documents the key media contacts who would be interested in stories about your business or area of expertise. It is important to selectively target the media of most relevance to your business.

These media contacts include journalists, reporters, bloggers, producers, freelance writers and editors across print, online, blogs, radio and television.

This is the Ultimate list of Blogger / Influencer Networks, PR Firms & Digital Marketing Companies, Affiliate Networks, Ad Networks, Hotel Contacts, and More!

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Goal Digging Vendor List


Start your own Hair Extensions, Makeup, Eyelash, or Adult Toy Business. I have helped many people start their own Beauty Business by providing vendor information to those looking to start their own Business in the Beauty industry. Want to start your Product Line, Hair Extensions Line, RAW INDIAN HUMAN HAIR, Raw Cambodian Human Hair, or Eyelash Extensions Line?

EyeLash Vendor Information – These vendors have no minimum order requirement, offers packaging and a one time logo fee if needed. This allows you to never worry about a logo fee based on your quantity.

Start Your Own Product Line Information – This allows you to create your own product line – edge control – shine serum – heat protectant, lip gloss etc.

Pure Virgin Human Hair Extensions Manufacturer Information – Looking for a reliable, certified Virgin Human Hair Supplier – Grade 6A – 7A – 8A – Brazilian, Peruvian, Malaysian, Russian Hair, etc. ISOCertification.

Raw Indian Human Hair Manufacturer Information – Looking for the best quality Indian Hair around, Rated #1 Supplier on all Indian Export Websites, all of your favorite Instagram Hair Companies Use Look No Further.

Raw Cambodian Human Hair -the highest quality and straight from Cambodia.

This list also includes Makeup, Eyelash and adult toy vendors!

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Pink Floral Project Schedule Planner


86 Pages of Business Planning Goodness!

• Your Business Ideas
• About Your Biz + Ideal Client
• Your Quarterly Goals
• Planning Your Services or Products
• Yearly Goal Planning
• Financial Goals
• Monthly Financial Tracking
• Common Biz Expenses
• Monthly Expense Tracker
• Blog Content Planner
• Blog Post Schedule
• Social Media Schedule
• Weekly To-Do’s
• Calendar Pages (undated so you can use any time!)
• Email Marketing
• Affiliate Marketing Brainstorm
• Stats + Analytics Tracker
• Passive Income Ideas
• Mental Blocks // Stress Journal
• Quote Pages
• Notes Page
• Fillable Boxes so you can fill out on your computer if you like!

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