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Its that time of year again where everybody and they momma comes down with a cold or even worse the flu. I’m one of those people who has never gotten a flu shot and I have never gotten the flu. Not telling you what to do, just putting it out there that I totally think flu shots are a waste of time. It baffles me why my mom religiously gets the flu shot every year and every single winter she gets the flu. It makes no sense to me but moving along, I was inspired to research and write this list because dear ole mom is home sick with the flu once again and I started doing some digging on things that can cure and prevent the flu. I’m no Doctor by far but I have saved you the time of researching yourself and possibly some money by compiling a list of vitamins and supplements that will help you overcome those God-forsaken germs. 

Vitamin C: This vitamin is water soluble–meaning it can be absorbed with only water, and if your body gets too much, it’ll just excrete it in your urine.

Get it straight from your diet by incorporating these foods into your meals: Red and green sweet peppers (raw), oranges, grapefruit (don’t do just the juice–that’s straight fructose. Eat the whole fruit so you get the fiber!), kiwi, cooked broccoli, strawberries, and brussels sprouts. 

Vitamin D: It’s been well-documented the last few years that many of us are deficient or near deficient in this vitamin. Vitamin D is fat-soluble and is pretty rare to find naturally in foods. The BEST way to get it is though controlled sun exposure. But since we’re in the winter months, that’s not gonna happen unless you’re going to a tanning bed with the appropriate UV rays. The important thing to note when taking Vitamin D is that you need to take some fat with it so it can properly absorb into the body. 

Get it straight from your diet by incorporating these foods into your meals: Swordfish, salmon, cod-liver oil (may need to just mix this with something). Most other foods give super small amounts. So if you take a supplement, D3 is the form you should look for.

Elderberry: This berry has crazy high amounts of antioxidants, and has been shown to reduce symptoms of the flu an average of 4 days. If you’ve ever bought this before, you know the label says you can even take a smaller dose as a preventative. The trick, though, is to make sure you take it multiple times a day to TREAT–follow the instructions!

Other to-do’s:

*WASH your hands frequently!!
*Use hand sanitizer!
*If you’re coughing/sneezing, COVER your mouth and nose so you don’t spread it
*Use disinfectants to clean your surfaces, doorknobs, light switches, remotes, and even your phones! (and tablets)
*WASH kids’ clothes as soon as they get home–don’t let it spread through the house. 

I hope these help you and your family to stay WELL this year!! And remember–YOUR HEALTH is PART of self-care!! Your home and family can’t run well if you aren’t running well! 

In the meantime, please don’t hesitate to hit REPLY and let me know about yourself, or if there’s anything I can help you with—whether it’s a blog post topic or something else. 

Until next time, 

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