Holiday promo 101 

If your emails have been anything like mine this last week, it’s been full of tips about how to prepare your site (and yourself) for the holiday season.

We’re talking:

  • Inventory management
  • How to increase upsells
  • Promoting holiday products
  • Trending holiday products
  • Holiday shipping surcharges
  • Holiday shipping deadlines
  • Updating photos
  • How to create ads

And then the big whammy…

  • Scheduling your sales and/or promotions

The holidays are crucial for small businesses. You have the potential to get the most traffic than you do all year, but the pickle is that customers are wanting to Support Small…yet they also want a ‘deal’.

The general public is used to seeing HUGE savings for Black Friday. The ‘above 50% off’ range. 


That is just not possible for most small businesses.

Unless you’re in the minority that built steep holiday sales into your pricing at the very beginning of your business setup, you have a decision to make.

1. You could put on a smaller sale for your products in the 10-20% off range (but that number isn’t going to turn many heads).

2. You could offer free shipping (but a lot of shops are doing this year-round already anyway, so that won’t be very enticing).

3. You could provide free gifts with every purchase (now we’re talking!!!).

I’m not suggesting full-blown gift sets here. I AM suggesting your most affordable product to make. If you are in the skincare or beauty industry that would be:

  • A lip balm
  • A lip gloss
  • A small jar of bath salts
  • A small tin of cuticle salve

Providing a free gift means that individuals can use them as stocking stuffers, or coworker gifts, or teacher gifts, or neighbor gifts, etc. Without having to do anything extra. 

If you have priced your items correctly, you should know which items in your line have the biggest profit margin

These are your free gifts!!!

By providing this little something extra instead of a sale, you’re: 

  • Making more money (even a 10% off sale adds up to ‘not worth it’ for many small businesses)
  • Creating convenience for your customers (time and money)
  • Creating potential NEW customers (every time your items are gifted, you’re being advertised for ‘free’)

That’s a win for EVERYONE.

If you have another holiday promo strategy you’re going with, I’d love to hear about it! Just leave us a comment below!

All my best to you as we wrap up the final stretch of Q3 and dive into our busy season together!

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